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The Family van Schijndel

We would like to introduce ourselves who you are dealing with.

In 2009 we decided to emigrate. Unfortunately we did not get a visa for our dream country Australia and we were looking for a country that would suit us. It became Austria. A country that has a lot to offer in summer and winter. After much searching, we were sold by this property. A building with a lot of potential but where a lot had to be done. Bayrischerhof, as it was previously called, was a guest house with many rooms and a restaurant. Leonie, with her architectural insight, immediately knew how to handle this. And as you can see for yourself, it has been renovated into an attractive apartment house with 8 apartments of which we are very proud. 

Host Helmut is 50 years old. In the Netherlands he often worked as an account manager in the sanitary world and in recent years as an appraiser. Now he prefers to tour with Leonie on the trike in summer. He likes to take challenging hikes in the mountains with his family or guests. In winter he likes to be found on the slats. Hostess Leonie is 38 years old. In the Netherlands she worked as a structural inspector. An energetic woman who does not like to sit still. In the summer she likes to visit the many lakes. In winter she likes to hit the slopes with her snowboard or skis. Her children have learned all this from her and not wrong either. Many prizes have already been won by them. 

Then the 5 children. Daughter Joy is 12 years old. A cheerful girl who is involved in swimming, cross country skiing, snowboarding and playing guitar. Son Brett is 11 years old. The busy bee of the family. Ski jumping (Nordic Combination) is his sport with which he travels a lot. Furthermore, he can be found a lot in the Funpark in winter. Son Sky is 7 years old. Beginner ski jumper, good skier and loves to cycle. Son Yesse is 5 years old. Loves to play with cars and he can also be found on skis. Daughter Kate is 5 years old and the last of the bunch. Kate loves to be creative. Also likes to play a game and is almost impossible to keep up with on the slopes. Delicious anyway. 

The perfect outing for this family is a day of skiing on the Ehrwalder Alm.